Dancing_Candle_FlameLike the blazing sun I burn,

Like the Blazing Sun.


And the flames lick my belly like the cat licks her young and I purr like the mountain lion on its morning run.

And I will not stand for your existence when you look at me with twisted eyes of pain.

I will walk into the heart of you with a gaze like thunder, until the threads that hold your centre tear and break apart.

I will walk into the pitch black of night with only my dedication as the blade that will cut those cords of ignorance free.

I will plummet, free fall, and jump into the dark abyss with only the light of my passion guiding the way.

I insist, persist, demand the taste of the tasteless touch of your tongue.

It may be cloudy in the sky of this One, but she knows no end, and cannot settle without seeing, indeed Being, her Sun.


Like the blazing sun I burn,

Like the Blazing Sun.


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