70aff7efcdf88b5e9d9e0330627b83ebIt is too easy ~ as we journey into wide open spaces where Love blossoms and Clarity prevails ~
to believe that we are ok, we are alright, everything is good …

As we touch on these places in our Being, it is possible, in subtle and insidious ways, to make choices.
To choose only this. To choose only to rise and rise in this perfection.

Meanwhile, there is a deep deep call to drop, drop, drop, into the dark places – the shadows of our Beings where our wounds reside,
and to be undone in the perfection of this Healing, where no part of creation is left behind.

~ The only way is Down ~

In this embrace of depth ~ a depth that reaches deeply into the soil of you ~ then every time you rise, you deepen, and every time you deepen, you rise.

Become like a tiger, ready to pounce on any tiny movement away from the devastating pain that exists at the bottom of your Being.

Your wounds have been carefully crafted by your Soul to unveil the Light that you are. She invites you into the darkness, to follow her bread-crumb trail deep into the undergrowth …


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