Creating the Space for Healing to happen

Individual Guidance, Support, & Facilitation

Georgia works with sincere individuals who feel called into deep inner work and self investigation.

Together we’ll create a sacred space for you to open, inquire, and surrender …

You can expect:
~  A held and safe space for venturing into the wounded and contracted parts of yourself
~  Guidance for navigating your inner landscape, no matter how rough the terrain
~ Clarification, healing, & resolve

These meetings are suitable for you if:
~  You’ve recognised that seeking outside your Self for fulfilment is futile  
~  You’re ready for a greater honesty, and you’re ready to take the necessary steps to make the changes (both within and without) that are being invited for true healing to happen.
~  Ultimately, you’re ready and willing to let go of anything and everything standing between you and your Self.  

If this resonates, then this is the path I am walking, and through our meetings we can sit in this Living Truth together. I am not here to be your teacher or counsellor, but I can stand in Truth with you and act as:

a Mirror ~ to reflect your own process,

a Witness ~ to hold in Presence that which is challenging,

and a Catalyst ~ to inspire true movement.

You’re welcome to come with a clear idea of what you’d like resolution with or how you’d like to be supported. However, simply feeling a resonance and a call to work in this way is more than sufficient.   

ONE TO ONE MEETINGS can happen in person near Nevada City, CA, or online via Skype.  
Payments (which are currently by donation) are made in advance via Paypal or Venmo. 
Please get in touch to arrange a meeting and please include your timezone and your availability.  

For more about my journey, please read the about page, and if you have further questions, please get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you,  

With Love,